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Welcome to Donna Noble DEI Consultancy

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Embark on a transformative journey with Donna Noble DEI Consultancy, a disruptive and inclusive advisory service that combines the wisdom of well-being, yoga, and corporate leadership.

We're dedicated to providing you with the most exceptional and tailored solutions that align with your corporate values and goals. Our mission is to create a world where everyone is empowered to live up to their full potential.

Discover the Future of Advisory Services

At Donna Noble DEI Consultancy, we understand that companies must continuously innovate and adapt to remain competitive in today's ever-evolving environment. Our innovative approach ensures your organisation not only achieves its objectives but also stays ahead of the curve while fulfilling its DEI obligations.

Let's get to know each other...

Our founder, Donna Noble, is committed to working closely with you to develop strategies that foster a positive, inclusive, and supportive work environment. We believe that diversity is the key to innovation and creativity. By incorporating our unique approach, we ensure that everyone feels included in our audits, assessments, services, workshops, offerings, and programs.

Join us in creating a workplace that is free from prejudice, harassment, and discrimination—one where each employee can find the support they need to thrive in their own way. We want our clients to feel like they are part of something special—something bigger than themselves. This shared sense of purpose makes them more likely to succeed at whatever they set out to achieve with us.

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The Donna Noble DEI Advantage:
Comprehensive Services for a Thriving Workplace

Our services are designed to help your organisation embrace well-being as a way of life. We provide guidance on how to improve employee productivity and reduce absenteeism through yoga and well-being techniques. Our offerings include:

1. Yoga Classes for Employees: Boost employee morale and promote wellness with customised yoga classes that cater to all skill levels. Our expert instructors create a safe and supportive environment that encourages personal growth and fosters a healthy work-life balance.

2. Corporate Leadership Courses: Develop exceptional leaders who inspire and motivate their teams with our comprehensive leadership courses. We focus on building inclusive, empathetic, and effective leaders who can navigate the complexities of today's diverse workforce.

3. Well-being Seminars for Managers: Equip your management team with the tools and knowledge to support employee well-being and create a positive work environment. Our seminars cover essential topics such as mental health, stress management, and work-life balance.

Client Testimonial

With❤️from clients

"Donna has been a powerful speaker to help people learn more about diversity in the health and wellbeing industry. From examining the importance of language to the intersection of yoga and race, Donna created a brave and affirming space for everyone to examine their own biases, ask questions and discuss how to teach diverse populations."

- Reeva Misra, Founder & CEO - 

Walking on Earth 

“Donna joined a panel of academics, writers and industry professionals to discuss the art and design of fitness. Her advocacy work for inclusivity and pioneering contributions to yoga made her insightful contributions though-provoking and inspiring to the seminar day. 

Graham Hudson - Academic -

The Royal College of Art and Design London. 

Experience the Donna Noble DEI Difference

What sets Donna Noble DEI Consultancy apart is our unwavering commitment to creating lasting, positive change in your organisation.

We understand that each company is unique, and our personalised approach ensures that our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs.

By partnering with us, you'll gain access to a wealth of expertise, innovative strategies, and unparalleled support that will help your organisation thrive.

Get Started on Your Transformation Journey Today

Are you ready to revolutionise your workplace and unlock your company's full potential? We invite you to take the first step by booking a discovery call with us. During this call, we'll explore your organisation's unique challenges and goals to determine the most effective solutions that will empower your team and drive success.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience the Donna Noble DEI difference. Together, we can create a more inclusive, diverse, and successful future for your organisation. Click the button below to book your discovery call and start your transformation journey today!

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Our Services include:

Yoga classes for employees

Corporate leadership courses

Well-being seminars for managers

Bespoke requirements

Unlock the Power of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Donna Noble DEI Consultancy's Leadership Courses

Hello, lovely leaders! Donna Noble here, and I am thrilled to invite you on an incredible journey of personal and professional growth.

Together, we will explore the vibrant world of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) through our tailor-made leadership courses.

Are you ready to embrace your role as an agent of change, empower your team, and boost your organisation's success? Join us and become a leader who makes a difference.

Section 1: Our Mission and Vision

At Donna Noble DEI Consultancy, we believe that diversity is a superpower that unlocks creativity, drives innovation, and propels us towards a more inclusive and equitable future. Our mission is to equip leaders like you with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to create positive change within your organisations. Our vision? A world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, and businesses prosper through diversity and inclusion.

Section 2: Our Unique Approach to DEI Leadership Courses

Dare to be different with our one-of-a-kind DEI leadership courses!
We pride ourselves on our vibrant, inclusive, and engaging approach to education.
Our courses are designed to:

1. Inspire you with real-life stories

 Be prepared to dive into the experiences of diverse individuals, who have triumphed over adversity and leveraged their unique perspectives to achieve greatness.

2. Foster self-awareness and empathy

Develop a deeper understanding of your biases, privileges, and blind spots, and learn to empathise with others, creating an environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

3. Provide practical, actionable strategies

Master a variety of research-backed techniques to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organisation, transforming the workplace into a more harmonious and productive space.

4. Encourage collaboration and peer learning

Engage with fellow leaders, exchange insights, and collaborate on projects that contribute to the collective growth of your community.

Section 3: Our Signature DEI Leadership Courses

Our diverse range of DEI leadership courses cater to every leader's needs,
whether you're a seasoned executive or an emerging talent.
Here are some of our signature offerings:

1. Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership

Identify and address unconscious biases to foster an inclusive work environment where everyone can contribute their unique skills and perspectives.

2. Creating a Culture of Belonging

Discover the power of belonging and learn strategies to cultivate a workplace culture that encourages collaboration, innovation, and high performance.

3. Equitable Decision-Making and Allyship

Master the art of making fair and equitable decisions, and become an ally to underrepresented groups, amplifying their voices and supporting their growth.

4. Intersectionality in the Workplace

Explore the concept of intersectionality and its implications for DEI efforts, developing a nuanced understanding of the overlapping layers of diversity within your organisation.

Section 4: Bespoke DEI Leadership Programs

We understand that every organisation is unique, with its own set of challenges and opportunities.
That's why we offer bespoke DEI leadership programs, tailor-made to suit your specific needs.

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Discover Vibrant Well-Being Seminars for Managers at Donna Noble DEI Consultancy

Are you a manager in search of a transformative experience that will enhance your well-being, elevate your leadership style, and create a more inclusive work environment? Look no further! Donna Noble DEI Consultancy proudly presents our series of well-being seminars for managers.

At Donna Noble DEI Consultancy, we believe that a manager's well-being is the cornerstone of a thriving, inclusive workplace. Our vibrant, engaging seminars are specifically designed to help you, the modern manager, unlock your full potential by focusing on your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

With a keen understanding of the challenges faced by today's managers, our seminars offer an immersive educational experience that empowers you to create a more harmonious and productive work environment for you and your team. Let's dive deeper into what makes our well-being seminars so unique and impactful.


A Holistic Approach to Well-Being

Our seminars are structured around a holistic approach to well-being that encompasses mental, emotional, and physical aspects. We provide you with practical tools and strategies to better manage stress, improve work-life balance, and promote self-care. By fostering a deeper connection with yourself, you will be better equipped to create a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture for your team.

The Power of Inclusive Leadership

Our well-being seminars emphasise the importance of inclusive leadership, which is critical for creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and heard. You will learn the essential skills to foster a culture of empathy, understanding, and collaboration, resulting in improved team performance, increased innovation, and higher employee satisfaction.

Customised Content Tailored to Your Needs

At Donna Noble DEI Consultancy, we understand that each manager is unique, and so are their well-being needs. Our expert facilitators work closely with you to develop customised content that aligns with your specific objectives and challenges. This tailored approach ensures that our seminars are not only engaging but also highly relevant to your needs.

Vibrant and Engaging Seminars

Our well-being seminars are anything but dull! We pride ourselves on delivering vibrant, engaging, and interactive sessions that actively involve participants, fostering a lively learning environment. With a mix of group discussions, hands-on activities, and reflective exercises, our seminars create lasting impressions and meaningful connections.

Expert Facilitators

Our well-being seminars are facilitated by a team of experts in the fields of DEI, leadership, and well-being. Passionate and experienced, our facilitators bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to create a transformative and enriching experience for you.

Ongoing Support and Resources

Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond the seminar. Upon completion of the program, you will receive access to resources.

Discover the Power of Inclusivity with Donna Noble DEI Consultancy: Licensing Solutions for a Brighter Tomorrow

Are you ready to join the revolution? The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) revolution, that is! Welcome to Donna Noble DEI Consultancy, where we believe that embracing DEI is the secret sauce to unlocking your organisation's fullest potential. Our vibrant, inclusive approach to DEI licensing is designed to educate, empower, and engage everyone in the journey towards a more equitable future. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the amazing world of DEI with us!

At Donna Noble DEI Consultancy, we understand that DEI is not a one-size-fits-all solution. That's why our comprehensive licensing program offers a range of customisable solutions, tailored to suit your organisation's unique needs. From businesses and non-profits to educational institutions and government agencies, we're here to help you make the leap towards a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow.

Why Donna Noble DEI Consultancy?



    With years of experience and a deep understanding of DEI best practices, our team is committed to delivering impactful solutions that drive meaningful change.


    Customisable Solutions

    We know that every organisation is different, which is why our licensing solutions are designed to adapt to your specific needs.


    Vibrant, Inclusive Tone

    Our unique voice is all about bringing people together, fostering a sense of belonging, and celebrating the beauty of diversity.



    We're all about setting clear goals, tracking progress, and delivering tangible results that make a difference.


    End-to-End Support

    From initial assessment to implementation and beyond, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

The Donna Noble DEI Licensing Experience

Our licensing journey begins with a thorough assessment of your organisation's current DEI landscape. We'll identify areas for improvement and establish clear, achievable goals that align with your overall mission and vision.

Next, we'll develop a tailored action plan that incorporates our vibrant, inclusive tone to foster a sense of belonging for all. Our evidence-based strategies are designed to educate, engage, and empower your team to embrace the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

But our support doesn't end there! As part of the Donna Noble DEI family, you'll have access to our ongoing guidance, resources, and tools to ensure the continued success of your DEI journey.

What Can You Expect from Donna Noble DEI Licensing?

Customised DEI Assessment

We'll take a deep dive into your organisation's unique needs to develop a tailored DEI strategy.

Engaging Training Materials

We'll take a deep dive into your organisation's unique needs to develop a tailored DEI strategy.

DEI Metrics & Evaluation

We'll take a deep dive into your organisation's unique needs to develop a tailored DEI strategy.

Ongoing Support & Resources

We'll take a deep dive into your organisation's unique needs to develop a tailored DEI strategy.

Exclusive DEI Community Access

You'll become part of our vibrant, inclusive community,  where you can connect with other DEI trailblazers and share insights, challenges, and successes.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards a more diverse, equitable organisation?

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Client Testimonial

With❤️from clients

"Really appreciated the D&I training. I learned a lot more in this section than any other corporate training event in 5 years. Cultural mis-appropriation was very insightful. I found her approachable and willing to discuss what is a tricky topic. I think it's great PYC opts to include it in the course. Very good sign". 

Power Yoga Company Student 

"We love working with Donna, she brings additional value to our training with a balanced approach on a sensitive and emotional subject. Our students are always grateful of the time they spend with her. Thank you Donna!"

Amelie Uteza

Co-Founder PYC

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